"Breathe in breathe out
Tell me all of you doubts
Everybody bleeds this ways, just the same
Breathe in breathe out
Move on and break down
If everyone goes away, I will stay
We push and pull
And I fall down sometimes
And I'm not letting go
You hold the other line
'Cause there is a light in your eyes, in your eyes
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It is not our wordiness that makes the difference but our actions; how much we live and love.
Love and actions all the way with

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Yoga Asana of the Week: Monkey

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From Crescent lunge / Anjaneyasana, it is natural for me to explore this expression of One-Legged King Pigeon II
(especially in the sand)

To bend backwards is purely a practice of exploration. It doesn’t have to look a certain way to be beneficial & powerful for you. Backbends offer a deeper exploration of the deeper self and a new way to move the spine & alter our attitude. Physically, backbends open the hips, strengthen & stretch the legs as well as the lower back muscles; increases blood flow, massaging vital organs & glands, & also loosens the joints. Psychologically, backbends challenge the mind and bring fears to the surface. Backbends have the power to teach us to become patient with ourselves & to persevere with our task at hand. The mind moves faster than the body, which needs time to catch up. Touching your toes to your head is not the goal, THE PATH IS THE GOAL.
This is a lifelong practice that challenges our conceptions, preconceived notions & ideas.
Give yourself the chance to work through your pains & problems and work with your limitations.

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halasana - plough pose (by {IP} by Amelia)

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Spectaculum completou 2 anos hoje!